Welcome to 10102:
Crafting the Future with Purpose

Driven by the vision of a future molded by groundbreaking technologies, 10102 stands at the intersection of innovation and responsibility. Our name encapsulates our mission – to venture beyond the known, into the realms of next-generation possibilities.

Our expertise stretches back to the dawn of the crypto/blockchain revolution in 2012, making us seasoned navigators in the distributed ledger technologies (DLT) landscape. As pioneers in this rapidly evolving domain, we play a pivotal role in steering the direction of technological advancements for the greater good.

Our commitment runs deep. While we ardently champion freedom and privacy as inalienable human rights, we firmly distance ourselves from ventures that align with dark markets, money laundering, or any form of malfeasance. In this ever-changing ecosystem, our purpose is clear: to foster a delicate equilibrium between personal liberties and collective accountability.

Markets, in their long-term essence, act as discerning filters, bringing forth the most harmonious outcomes. By being active contributors to these markets, we amplify our core values and exercise our democratic agency — akin to casting a vote with unwavering intent.

The choices of today invariably shape the horizons of tomorrow. It is the architects, designers, developers, and the vast brigade of builders who are the true custodians of the future. Recognizing this, 10102 actively assimilates the latest technological marvels, positioning ourselves as both a crucible for experimentation and a guiding light for market directions.

Discover our guiding principles and embark on this transformative journey with us. Together, we’ll forge the future.


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