10102 was born in 2021 as a futuristic technology brand. What comes after the 101s of today is promising progress always being in trial in multiple possible paths until we all come to terms. 02 embodies what follows, our future.

Markets in general are long term efficient in selecting the most agreed upon outcomes. Participating in markets with clear goals and values is essential just like voting with conviction for any group decision is an important democratic power.

At the same time, the choices remain the foundation of the future possibilities and that part comes from the software/hardware architects, designers, developers and many other participants – more generally the builders.

10102 aims to incorporate and possibly contribute to all the latest technologies produced by humankind to serve as a testbed and have a better understanding of the inputs for the market selections. Hence 10102 will act upon three main verticals:




10102 primarily relies on the vision and expertise of its founder, by the gematria of 101 102.