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10102 Explained

10102 = 101 and beyond, the 102. Binary to trinary systems.

Driven by the vision of a future molded by groundbreaking technologies, 10102 stands at the intersection of innovation and responsibility. Our name encapsulates our mission – to venture beyond the known, into the realms of next-generation possibilities.

Etherbase Vault

Coming soon

Coming soon

10102 Etherbase Vault invests in the essential building blocks of the future Ethereum ecosystem.


View real-time ROI and past performance of your 10102 Etherbase Vault on Ethereum via Enzyme Finance smart contracts.

Seamless and trustless fund structure

We make it easy: low minimum, no lock-up period, paperless transactions, full transparency (tracked on-chain), and fully liquid.

Industry veteran since 2012

Our veteran industry knowledge means you can invest without having to keep up with the rapidly evolving market.

Fast onboarding

All contracts and verifications are completed and signed digitally, making onboarding quicker and more efficient.

Fast redemption

Traditional funds typically require 30-180 days. Not us. We provide nearly instant redemption. Redeem anytime anywhere independently of the manager’s survival and security setup. Your private key, your fund.

Exclusive research and events

Access manager tips, activities and
best practices.

Our investment principles

Future-forwarding investing

Crypto is more than just currencies. We invest in a forthcoming era founded on trustless coordination and self-sovereign data ownership – the crypto projects that will last years to come.

We prioritize sustainable growth over instant profits. We support innovative crypto builders who may entail high complexities and risks, but also offer monumental returns.

Intentional activism

The choices of today invariably shape the horizons of tomorrow. Markets, in their long-term essence, act as discerning filters, bringing forth the most harmonious outcomes.

By being active contributors to these markets, we amplify our core values and exercise our democratic agency.

Privacy and order

Our commitment runs deep. While we ardently champion freedom and privacy as inalienable human rights, we firmly distance ourselves from ventures that align with dark markets, money laundering, or any form of malfeasance.

In this ever-changing ecosystem, our purpose is clear: to foster a delicate equilibrium between personal liberties and collective accountability.